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The 5 Kitchen Hot Spots For Germs

There is danger lurking in your kitchen. Many of your kitchen appliances and cleaning tools are actually the perfect breeding grounds for germs, and this includes germs that can cause serious illness and even death. BlenderGerms can hide in all kinds of places in your blender, including on and underneath the rubber seal, in the […]

Read More November 20th, 2019

13 Ways to Make the Magic Eraser Work For You

Sometimes, when dealing with a mess, you have to bring out the big guns. In the cleaning world, one of the big guns is super-powerful melamine foam, known to all of us as the Magic Eraser. If you’ve been in a cleaning situation where nothing seems to work, chances are good that a Magic Eraser […]

Read More November 14th, 2019

Tips On Holiday Cleaning

It’s coming: the onslaught of relatives and visitors who stampede into your home during the holiday season. Sure, we love them. Sure, we’re really excited to finally have everyone in one place. But when it comes to cleaning, most people are in a lose-lose situation. We lose when we don’t have the home clean enough, […]

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4 Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Autumn is the perfect time of year to really get in there and give your whole car a deep clean. Make sure your car’s exterior is in good shape and its interior is comfortable during the winter by focusing on doing the hard work now. Hand-Wash Your Car With a Soft SpongeInstead of using the […]

Read More October 29th, 2019

5 Scariest Cleaning Tasks You’ve Been Putting Off

Witches, bats, ghosts, vampires  – there are lots of scary things to be found around Halloween, but perhaps none quite as frightening as these 5 scary cleaning chores that we all like to avoid. Get a handle on tackling these terrifying tasks with these simple “green cleaning” tips. Don’t let these neglected chores haunt your […]

Read More October 10th, 2019

17 Things You Don’t Want To Hear About Cleaning

I enjoy cleaning because I love the end result. All the scrubbing, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming are worth it when my home is squeaky clean. In ways it is therapeutic. However, behind the shiny floors and vacuum lines, there is cleaning on a deeper level that often gets overlooked. You might not want to hear […]

Read More July 25th, 2019

Dawn Dish Soap And The Many Uses For It

Dawn, the dish soap, is a very useful product. The soap destroys a lot of things in its path, especially oily things. As a multipurpose cleaner, the mix of water and Dawn can clean numerous things in the bathroom and kitchen. In fact, some people have been known to use it almost exclusively as a […]

Read More July 15th, 2019

Beat the Heat With These 5 Summer Cleaning Tips

Beat the Heat With These 5 Summer Cleaning Tips Along with sun and vacations, you can always count on summertime to bring heat, humidity and some unique cleaning challenges. Here are a few cleanup tasks that need a little extra TLC during the hot summer months. 1) Bathrooms – A little humidity may keep your […]

Read More June 28th, 2019

Read This If You Need A Better Janitorial Service

Have you ever run into the arduous task of finding your facility a new Commercial Janitorial Crew? If so, you can do a search and find many providers willing to fight for your business. What makes Quality Services LLC different? There are several great reasons that set us apart from the others. First, we are […]

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Wisconsin Winters, Salt and Carpet Wear

February 8th, 2019 Wisconsin has an array of beauty in all of its Four Seasons of the year. This particular year, Winter is engaging its entire spectrum of havoc. Over many months of salt, salt and more salt to combat the icy conditions Commercial Carpets tending to take a beating. Granules of salt are brought […]

Read More February 08th, 2019

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