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Why not hire the cheapest janitorial services company?

A lot of businesses don’t know the risks involved with hiring the cheapest janitorial services company. Companies that offer their services at minimum costs often don’t provide the best janitorial services. Such companies usually cut corners to make a profit. And when you hire them, you will surely get what you pay for.There are several […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Cleaning Tips There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house. With spring right around the corner, for many this means Spring Cleaning is quickly approaching. For most it is best to plan this for a weekend day when nothing is going on so you have the whole day to clean and […]

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Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and in need of some peace and quiet, but housework just keeps piling up? You want to do everything in a second, but it simply doesn’t work that way. We’ve shared some essential advice on time-saving and efficient tips. If you’re in a hurry to clean your house, but still wish […]

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10 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Cleaning That You Never Thought Of

Plain, ordinary baking soda is a wonderful product with many uses!  If you’re like many of us, you learned the trick of keeping an open box of it in the fridge to control odors, and maybe you’ve used it to battle unpleasant smells elsewhere, like in trash cans, gym bags, pet beds or sneakers. But […]

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Keep Your Home Clean All Summer Without Breaking a Sweat

Keep Your Home Clean All Summer Without Breaking a Sweat The last thing you want to do during the hot and humid summer months is clean your house. Even if you have air conditioning and aren’t afraid to use it (some people’s electric bills skyrocket during warmer weather), the thought of working up a sweat […]

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Quality Floor Services with Quality Services LLC!

Without the proper tools and expertise from the right professionals, your cleaning service may not be up to pay in keeping your floors in the best shape. Your hard floors are a long-term investment. Ongoing scheduled maintenance is a vital part of keeping up the quality and appearance over time. Hard-flooring takes more care than […]

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Read This If You Need A Better Janitorial Service

  Have you ever run into the arduous task of finding your facility a new Commercial Janitorial Crew? If so, you can do a search and find many providers willing to fight for your business. What makes Quality Services LLC different? There are several great reasons that set us apart from the others. First, we […]

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Top 5 Tips to Disinfect Your Office

  With the current coronavirus crisis, local companies are scrambling to disinfect their workspaces the right way to keep employees and customers safe.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now urging U.S. businesses to vigorously and routinely wipe down workplace surfaces to contain the spread of the potentially deadly virus.   With this […]

Read More August 03rd, 2020

Why — and How — You Should Disinfect Your Desk

  Usually, the office is buzzing with ringing phones, humming copiers and water cooler chatter – but sometimes there’s a chorus of sneezes, sniffles and coughs too. You can prevent the spread of workplace colds by keeping your personal space clean and germ-free. Here are the areas most likely to spread germs and how you […]

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You Can Do It! Keep Up Your Cleaning Motivation When It’s Hot Outside

You Can Do It! Keep Up Your Cleaning Motivation When It’s Hot Outside Summer vacation has many good and not-so-good aspects. The kids are home, it’s family vacation time, and you get to soak up some much-needed rays. Those are the good aspects. Summer is also hot and humid, and nothing can zap your motivation […]

Read More July 15th, 2020
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